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King Brown Pomade

Grooming Spray

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A water based grooming spray offering a wide variety of application and styling options.

TEXTURE – Add more texture to your look by spraying onto dry or mildy damp hair, style loosely and let dry.

VOLUME – Use as a stand alone product with blow dryer to enhance hair volume.

HOLD – Increase hold by applying 2-3 sprays after application of your preferred pomade . Reapply throughout the day as needed for added control.

  • HOLD: Light

  • SHEEN: Neutral

  • SCENT: Light wood and spice base notes with subtle hints of citrus and mint

  • SIZE: 177mL / 6oz

  • HAIR TYPES: Suitable for ALL hair types short to long in length

  • BEST SUITS: Textured cuts, longer hair and curls




  • Spray on slightly damp or dry hair, build as you go for desired style

  • Can also be sprayed directly into hands, rubbed together, and applied throughout hair from back to front

  • Spray 3-8 times depending on hair type (approx 3 times for finer hair and up to 8 times for thicker hair)

  • Intended for use on its own or paired with desired pomade for more hold

  • Finish with a comb to control frizz & flyaways, or with hands for an undone look

  • Reapply throughout day for added control and restyling options