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Morgan's Beard Brush

Morgan's Beard Brush

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A traditional shaped men’s military style beard brush with the unique engraving of the Morgan’s logo. It is the ideal grooming beard brush for all beard styles, to help grow and maintain a healthy looking and well-groomed beard. An essential part of your beard grooming kit.

Morgan’s Beard Brush for your daily beard care and the perfect addition to your beard grooming kit.

Beard Grooming Accessory
Mix of Natural Bristle and Synthetic Fibres
Great for All Beard Styles
Made in Italy

The natural bristle mix will help clean, stimulate and condition your beard perfectly. The natural bristles will untangle and tame even the wildest and toughest of beards. Morgan’s Beard Brush is specially designed to help distribute Morgan’s Beard Oil and Morgan’s Beard Cream evenly, for a clean, conditioned and well-groomed beard.

How to Use:
Once you have applied beard oil or beard balm, take your Beard Brush and gently stroke from the top of the beard down to the tips, to help distribute the product.

For Best Results:
Use with Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Cream, Luxury Beard Cream or Beard Oil.

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