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Morgan's Foldable Beard / Moustache Comb - Small

Morgan's Foldable Beard / Moustache Comb - Small

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Morgan’s Foldable Moustache Comb for your daily beard and moustache care and the perfect addition to your moustache grooming kit.

A finely crafted small foldable moustache comb made in Italy from plant cellulose. It is the ideal moustache grooming comb for all styles, creating a handsomely good looking moustache. A fine addition to any gentleman’s moustache grooming kit.

Morgan’s small foldable moustache comb is specially designed to help distribute moustache wax, beard oil and moustache and beard cream evenly, and get rid of any excess dirt for a clean, conditioned and well-groomed moustache. The teeth can glide through thick hair providing a clean base before applying product. Morgan’s Moustache Comb is an ideal travel companion, simply keep it in your pocket and be ready to impress wherever you go!

How to Use:
Simply use on a clean moustache. Once you have applied wax, oil or cream, take your moustache comb and gently stroke downwards towards the tips, to help distribute the product and get rid of any excess dirt.

Easy to use with or without product.

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