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Morgan's Grooming Hair Tonic - Bay Rum

Morgan's Grooming Hair Tonic - Bay Rum

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Morgan’s Bay Rum Grooming Tonic for your daily hair and scalp maintenance.

250ml Recyclable Bottle

A grooming hair and scalp tonic with a classic barber shop bay rum fragrance to refresh, condition and stimulate the hair and scalp. A fresh and invigorating pre-styler for healthy hair that provides texture with a natural hold. Great for barbers and home use before applying your favourite Morgan’s Styling Pomade or any Morgan’s styling product. A go to best-selling Morgan’s product for all barbers and their customers.



Grooms and Conditions

Authentic Bay Rum Fragrance

Made with Wheat Protein, Coffee and Hop Extract to stimulate the hair and scalp. Caffeine and Hops contain essential oils and nutrients that deeply penetrate the scalp to help promote hair growth and healthy hair. Wheat Protein helps to strengthen and support the hair’s natural structure, creating a fuller appearance, with a natural shine. Infused with an authentic Bay Rum fragrance, our exclusive blend will add body while it conditions and moisturises. Morgan’s Bay Rum Hair Tonic is a professional barber grade pre-styler that you can apply to the hair and scalp before applying a Morgan’s styling product, as it revitalises and conditions the hair without stripping away all of the natural oils.

How to Use:
Dispense tonic into palms of hands, rub together and apply to damp scalp and hair. Comb through with Morgan’s Large Comb for even distribution.

Star Ingredients:
Wheat Protein
Coffee Extract
Hop Extract
Traditional Bay Rum Fragrance

For Best Results:
Use with Morgan’s Shampoo, Conditioner and Morgan’s Styling Products.

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