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Morgan's Women's Purple Shampoo for Silver/Blonde Hair

Morgan's Women's Purple Shampoo for Silver/Blonde Hair

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Morgan’s Shampoo for Silver/Blonde Hair for your hair care needs and the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

250ml Recyclable Bottle

A rich moisturising purple shampoo for blonde, silver, colour treated or bleached highlighted hair. Maintains and enhances colour by neutralising unwanted brassy/yellow tones. Brightens and boosts shine with UV sun protection. Keeps hair looking radiant, glossy and feeling silky soft.

Colour Enhancing
With UV sun protection
Neutralises brassy/yellow tones
Contains Jojoba Oil

Made with the highest quality ingredients using our unique formulation to enhance and maintain blonde/silver hair.

Our Morgan's Shampoo for Silver/Blond Hair contains a deep purple pigment that acts as an anti-yellowing agent to neutralise brassy/yellow tones in artificially blonde, grey or silver hair, helping to maintain a beautiful cool colour.

With UV sun protection to stop sun bleaching and damage to newly colour treated hair.

Contains Jojoba Oil and Wheat Protein to moisturise and nourish hair for a radiant, glossy and silky soft finish.

This is my favourite purple shampoo and does what I want from a blonde shampoo. ....Leah from Liverpool.

How to Use:
Wet hair, apply shampoo and massage into the hair, work into a rich lather and rinse thoroughly.

For extra intensity, repeat application and leave for 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Star Ingredients:
Jojoba Oil
Wheat Protein
Lavender Oil

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